Exploring the Expertise of a Freelance

Product Photographer

Hello there! I’m Anshid Hussain, a dynamic and results-oriented freelance social media marketer and skilled product photographer. With a perfect fusion of technical expertise and creative vision, I craft mesmerizing campaigns, weave captivating stories, and skillfully encapsulate the essence of new products, all to uplift and empower brands while leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Let’s join forces and transform your vision into a vibrant reality!

As a dedicated Freelance Product Photographer in Kerala, my lens captures more than just products – it captures stories. Every click is a tale of meticulous detail and artistry transforming ordinary items into captivating visuals. With an eye for precision and a passion for creativity I bring your products to life through the magic of photography. Explore my portfolio and witness those framed through my lens. Let’s collaborate to showcase your products in a way that truly resonates with your audience.

From Gears and Gadgets to Shutter and Lens

Hello everyone

I want to share my career shift story with all of you.I graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2020 and worked for three fulfilling years in the engineering corporate world. However, in 2023 I decided to take a leap of faith and venture into the dynamic field of digital marketing. Throughout this post, I will address some frequently asked questions about my career transition. My career shift from mechanical engineering to digital marketing has been an incredible adventure, filled with growth and new opportunities.

Advice for those considering a career change. Remember life is full of possibilities and embracing change can lead to extraordinary achievements.

Trust yourself and follow your dreams fearlessly!

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